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~ Starbase is token based global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform ~

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About Starbase

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Starbase Features For Core teams

Core teams are startups, individuals who want to start innovative projects.

Global, Fast, Long Term Incentive Sharing

For startups, recruiting good members is almost all difficult things.

Without much initial cash, it will be more difficult to do that.

But by using Starbase, you can give your newly created blockchain tokens as long-term incentive, and post works with the reward of blockchain tokens.

Global Crowdfunding

We provide token based crowdfunding on blockchain, “Internet of Value”

By using global blockchain, fast, global, cheap-cost, and from-small-amount crowdfunding available for fundraisers in the world.

For investor, it lower a lot of risks, because the invested value will almost certainly be liquidated on global crypto currency exchanges around the world.


Legal & Tax support

With fintech specialized law firms, Starbase will support to solve your tax, legal issues often happened around global fundraise and work payments.

Core teams (= startups, talents, artists who want to create new products and services) can issue token and sell or pay it with these supports.

Starbase Features for Supporter

Supporters are Investors & Contributors for project

Invest or Work only for due diligenced tokens by machine + human

Starbase project due diligence approach is
1.  STAR based voting system for filtering scams, frauds, bad, or not sophisticated deals.
2. Manual due diligence for deals which gets a good score by voting from STAR holders.
3. If a deal passes both due diligence, then the token will be listed.

High Liquidity for Token Purchasers & Holders

Crowdfunding on Starbase platform all done by public blockchain tokens, first on Ethereum blockchain, 2nd largest blockchain platform in the world, more than $15B market cap, and 1M number of Ether holders

After purchasing blockchain tokens on Starbase, you can transfer the tokens and sell 3rd party exchanges outside of Starbase.
This radically reduces risks for investors compared to investing in unlisted companies.

Envastors (Engineers who has Investor like mind)

One of the largest movement from the blockchain economy is that a lot of engineers are going to have investor minds and financial engineering experiences such as cryptocurrency trading.

Starbase would like to target “Envestors” for making core teams'(=startups, talents) innovation happens.

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Startbase would work like stock options, enabling newly-started small teams to provide long term incentive for their members immediately. I like its concept especially providing more opportunities for everyone, everywhere.
Tomohisa KatoRareJob founder
By using Starbase, global startups can start their project rapidly by next-generation financial system and get good and many financial/technical support from anywhere in the world.

Shigeru UrushibaraChief Executive Officer, UL Systems, Inc.

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