We launched our own Token!

Meet STAR Token.

The lead token in the Starbase platform as the base currency for ICO investments.

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  • It’s Utility

    You can use STAR Tokens in exchange for goods or services as well through our platform.

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  • It’s Rewardable

    You can stake STAR Tokens and get rewards. Rewards are to purchase purchase projects tokens at discount price or with time priority

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  • It’s Progress

    Our token is programmed on the blockchain as a smart contract in an age of transparent, automated, conflict-free contracts.

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Building beautiful projects is easy with Starbase


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Starbase Platform

  • Follow the Starships

    The Starbase platform provides an easy interface to catch up with current projects. Image
  • Fuel them!

    We provide a purchase token tool as well, to fuel the many rocket projects. Image
  • Tokens as a reward

    We are creating a cutting-edge reward mechanism for innovative projects, token holders and people who want to get tokens. Image

Starbase Features

For Innovative Projects

Share Long Term Incentives

Using the blockchain, you can share flexible long-term incentives with your team members in a fast, cheap, and global way.

Fundraise Globally

Utilizing Bitcoin, Ethereum or other major crypto currencies, projects can raise necessary resources on a global scale.

Connect and Engage Globally

You can engage with engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers and other professionals from all over the globe.

For Collaborators

More Earnings

Using the Starbase platform, you can accelerate your project by rewarding contributions to an interesting project. Those that work the hardest, reap the most rewards.

High Liquidity

The Starbase platform brings full transparency to a project’s members and assets. Since this can be publicly verified on the blockchain, this enhances liquidity for token trading on the exchanges.

Reward Distribution

Starbase Tokens holders will be rewarded quarterly.

Meet the Lunar-tics

An innovative collection of like-minded people developing useful and enduring technological products.

Tomoaki Sato

Founder & Blockchain engineer

Yu Yamanaka


Ernane Luis

Front-end Engineer

Gustavo Guimaraes

Full-Stack Engineer

Yasushi Sasajima

Financial Advisor

Charles Leslie


Jeremy Lhoir

Community Manager

Daniel Reszka

Full-Stack Engineer

Tarek R. Al-Awar

Front-end Engineer

Rafael Gama

Project Manager

Our Advisors

Eric Gu

Founder of Viewfin

Darvin Kurniawan

Founder of REIDAO

Chandler Guo

Angel investor

Dominic Williams

Chief Scientist @ DFINITY Stiftung and President/CTO @ String Labs

Hideyuki Takeuchi

Technology advisor, CTO at Uzabase Inc.

Giotto De Filippi

Strategy and partnerships

Tomohiro Otomi

Partnership advisor

We’re always looking for new talent

Want to join us to help make Starbase a reality? Great! Please join our Community Chat and send us your CV or portfolio.

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  • “Starbase will work like stock options, enabling newly-started small teams to provide long term incentives for their members immediately. I like its concept especially because it provides more opportunities for everyone, everywhere.”
    Tomohisa Kato
    RareJob founder
  • “By using Starbase, global startups can start their projects rapidly with the support of a next-generation financial system including access to financial and technical support from anywhere in the world.”
    Shigeru Urushibara
    Chief Executive Officer, UL Systems, Inc.


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Use your alien mind to abduct clients for rewards.

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Rating Partners

Innovative Projects

Token Sale Partners

Starbase Project Schedule

Private Sale (Finished)

Crowdsale (15 days)

  • Scheduled for November
STAR Launch 3.
Market Phase

Starbase Token (Symbol: STAR), will become transferable and have market value.

  • December 1st 2017 for crowdsale and
    pre-sale purchasers.
    December 8th 2017 for early purchasers.
Platform Launch 4.
Launch Phase

Starbase Platform is launched and STAR tokens is available for contributions.

  • February 2018