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The STAR token is the base currency of the Starbase platform.

With STAR, holders can support global, innovative projects.

What is STAR Token?


The STAR Token

STAR is the utility, rewardable, inflationary(roughly 2.5% p.a.) token of the Starbase platform. By using STAR, you can fund other projects, pay for supporters of your project, or exchange them for goods or services as well through our platform.

Besides Star tokens, you can hold tokens from innovative projects as well. This, way you can get rewards from other subsequent projects.

Starbase Business model

Starbase charges a small percentage fee when a token is issued, when a token is initialy sold and when a token is used for rewarding to outsource labor work.

Reward Mechanism

Starbase provides a smart reward mechanism. Every STAR holder will receive rewards in the form of STAR or another Project’s Tokens - including STAR. Tokens received as reward can be withdrawn from our platform.

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