Starbase Features as Crowdfunding/ Sourcing Platform


Global Payment

By Bitcoin, or other major crypto currencies like Ethereum, fundraiser can raise money globally.

Make Global Team

You can involve more engineers/designer/marketers/ from the internet by sharing long-term incentive.

Increase Reliability By Transparent Value Management

Members & Values of your project can be seen from public blockchain.

Grow Global Community

Global community members supports your interesting projects by working (allying) with you.

Sharing Long Term Incentive Globally

By using global blockchain, you can share flexible long-term incentive with your team members in a fast, cheap, global way.

More Performance, More Earnings

Traditional crowdsourcing platform is just negotiating with the amount of money, but by using Starbase platform you can earn more if you can make more performance for the interesting project you commits.

Work With Us

Fundraisers, Founders who needs team members, artists, traders, engineers, designers can join and co-create values here.

Founders/ Intrepreneurs/ Individuals who wants to challenge new project

Anyone who want to challenge and start new project can use Starbase platform for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.
Starbase members and community supports your project launch with global savvy members and you can fundraise from our platform.

Starbase’s vision is to make everyone easy to challenge, so we are happy to hear from you about what you want to do and how can we help.

Engineers/ Designers/ Creators who want to work with interesting projects.

You can find interesting projects from our platform and can start to work with.
Mostly initial stage projects don’t have cash, but Starbase helps you to have shared-long-term incentive between you and interesting projects.

Now the world is more like not “belonging to company”, but “allying with company” world, so this system fits with many global companies and projects.

Investors/ Angels/ VCs

Investors can support projects from Starbase platform by purchasing their issued tokens.

And our platform supports global, small-start, fast purchase, you can do easier than traditional crowd-investment platform.