FAQ for Starbase platform

Q: What is Starbase platform ?

A: Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/sourcing platform.
By using Starbase, innovative startups can fundraise and crowdsource by blockchain tokens.

Merits to do crowdfunding by token is fast, low-cost, global transactions.
Merits to do crowdsourcing by token is sharing-incentive rapidly without cash.

Starbase is mainly focusing on “Token issuance, fundraise, and reward payment by startups for good and many investors, and co-workers”
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Q: What is the difference from existing equity crowdfunding platforms ?

A: Here’s the image which shows difference from Starbase and other crowdfunding platforms.

Q: What is the difference from Waves, Wings, as current blockchain crowdfunding platform ?

Difference from Waves:
– Starbase is web application which use multiple blockchain as backend initially from Ethereum chain and ERC 20 type tokens. Waves creates their own chain.
Starbase would like to provide user-focused service to core teams and supporters, the reason why we start from Ethereum is Ethereum as general decentralized computation platform is already developed and improved well and ERC 20 type tokens are traded on many exchanges.

Difference from Wings:
Wings use prediction market mechanism for startup valuation or due diligence and try to make automated system.
When prediction market works well for symmetric, simple information with many participants to the market. So predictions market for DAO like open source project, or IPO’d company will work well and reduce costs much.

Starbase thinks we need to have final due diligence by human to prevent fraud, which is asymmetric, complex, information, and basic due diligence by decentralized token based voting for filtering them.



Q. What is Starbase as “Crowdsourcing” platform ?

By using Starbase, core teams can hire or work with supporters who has “invetor like minds”(like engineers, marketers). They invest in their skills and times, and get the core team’s token they want to support.

In the traditional world it’s still difficult to share “stocks” or “options” of project fastly, globally with cheap cost.
But in the blockchain world, already it’s happening.

Starbase make it easy to create that kind of movement, such as
“By retweeting our project twitter, you will get ~~ tokens !”

Here’s Iconomi example about token based crowdsourcing, they share their tokens and largely worked with many people and made successful funding more than $10M