FAQ for Supporters(Investors who would like to invest in global innovative project)

Q: How do we receive regular updates from supporting projects ?

A: You can check from Starbase project detail page and there are updates. You also can receive notifications from it.

Q: How do we involve innovative projects more ?

A: Starbase platform provides forum for servicers who want to active communication also with investors, sometimes they doesn’t much time to communicate with investors, but they also put contacts on Starbase plaform so you can contact them from there.

Q: How should we care about tax ?

A: You will be able to get tax remediation form from us after Starbase platform launch. But you should bear the responsibility to determine if the investment or the potential appreciation or depreciation in the value of Bitcoin, Ether, tokens on Blockchain over time has tax implication.

Q: How can we receive returns?

A:  You can make returns by 1. selling bought tokens on global crypto currency exchanges, or 2. receiving rewards from the core teams.
You will get all returns by Bitcoin, Ether or Tokens on blockchain. So you can not earn governmental currencies as rewards.

But tokens on Blockchain like Bitcoin, Ether, can be exchanged to governmental currency in your country if your country has such kind of exchanges, and you will need to do identification process(such as submitting your passport pdf) for AML(Anti-Money-Laundering) purpose.

Q: When and how can we receive periodic returns ?

A: Depending on the core teams’ tokens, rewards spans are different. Starbase offer core teams to have monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly rewards for their core team’s token holders. And token holders can “claim” reward from the wallet you have, then you can gain the reward from the core teams.

Q: When will we not able to receive returns ?

A: Depending on the core teams your rewards conditions are different. Starbase offer core teams to make maximum reward limitation. If it’s limited as x times, then the token’s rewards will be stopped when the reward reached to x times of fundraised amount.

Q: How many percentages are Starbase fee ?

A:  Starbase platform only take fees from fundraisers and work-payer, and don’t take any fee from investors and payees for now.

Q: What if the core team’s project is not going as planned on the fundraising page?

A: Startup and new-projects failure is common, so you should expect many of the businesses in which you invest to return less than you invested or nothing at all because of expected product/service not launch. We require every project to report daily or weekly level, and require communication through forum, mail magazine, or slack like social communication channels.

If the project can not make the product/service at the budget they raised and they need more funds, they can do more fundraise.
After the more-raise, but they can not make the product/service, they should make all tokens transferrable and announce the project failure.

Q: Can we sell bought tokens at second market. ?

A: You, this is radically different from traditional equity or debt finance. You can sell your bought project tokens at 3rd party crypto currency exchanges in the world. Now in the world, there are more than 100 crypto currency exchanges which operates for tokens on various blockchains. Starbase helps users to issue tokens on Ethereum blockchain as standard type tokens which can be accepted most of crypto currency exchanges. By using Ethereum tokens, core teams can gain, more liquidity, more security and more synergetic value, we think.