FAQ for Supporters (engineers, designers, financial & legal professionals, marketers, translators who want to support new projects.)

Q:  Is Starbase similar to Upwork or Freelancers? What’s the difference?

A: Starbase provides crowdfunding & crowdsourcing functionality with build-in web wallet functionality on the platform. The wallet can be used with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With the Starbase platform you can join and work in very innovative projects,  and earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain tokens.

The Core teams’ tokens are shared incentives between you and all the other token holders of the project. If the project becomes success, then you have the possibility to earn more, because the token price will go up.

Q: What is the advantages of Starbase in comparison to Upwork.com, Freelancer.com and similar websites?

A: Upwork, Freelancer, they are the biggest, and most stable crowdsourcing platforms, but most of projects are not visionary, global, nor interesting, and you can not expect much return from working there. In addition to that, workers can not earn shared incentives with the employer, so you can not be “CoWorker”. In the current world, shared incentives are similar to stocks.

By using the Starbase platform, any workers ( whom we refer to as “supporters”) can have shared incentives with the employer (and the core team). Supporters can be like co-workers of the project, and if the project becomes successful, you will gain more.

Will Starbase be used for visionary, global and innovative projects ? Our answer is “Yes”, because most of the visionary and big projects require a lot of money and a lot of stake holder, which makes Starbase an optimal choice for their fundraiser/team-recruiting.

Q: What’s the benefit of having blockchain token the project issued?

A: There are 3 ways of profiting by earning blockchain tokens.
1.  Sell project tokens on crypto-currency market.
> here you can see list of tokens on blockchain and which exchanges trades them:  http://coinmarketcap.com
2. Receive regular rewards from the core team.
3. Use the project token in exchange for the project’s services or products.

Q: How can I receive rewards from the project for my tokens?

A: Starbase provides a “Get reward” function for your tokens, i.e. you can claim rewards by using it.

Q: Can I withdraw Ethereum, project’s tokens to another wallet which is not on the Starbase’s web wallet?

A: Yes. You are not required to always trust the Starbase web wallet, and you can withdraw what you earn on the platform to other external wallets.
You should carefully choose and use these wallets on your own responsibility.
For Ethereum, web:  http://jaxx.io/ mobile:  http://token.im/
For Ethereum token, web: https://www.myetherwallet.com/ mobile:  http://token.im/
For Bitcoin, web: https://copay.io/ mobile: https://breadwallet.com/
There are many other wallets as well.

Q: How many days or weeks are required to get a payment from the payers?

A: You can instantly get payment because all payments will be made via the blockchain tokens. A withdrawal generally takes 30 seconds to 30 minutes from the Starbase platform.

Q: What kind of tokens will I receive for work payments?

A: Bitcoin, Ether, or other tokens issued by the core team.