Starbase is a Blockchain Token Based CrowdFunding/Sourcing Platform

Our Team


Tomoaki Sato

Founder & Blockchain engineer

I founded blockchain tech community in Japan, because after Mt.Gox some people think as blockchain as dark technology, and there were few engineers in Japan. And did several works such as co-authoring a blockchain tech book, making research group at university in Japan, and having blockchain conference in Japan.

I love the movement of blockchain community, and the philosophy of decentralization. And the tokenized way for people to challenge to create new global products/services are fairly awesome.

I would like to make more people to know the technology and the movement power and use it easily.
So I founded Starbase, and our vision is to make everyone easy to do global challenge.



Yu Yamanaka

VP of Engineering

A man said “We are alive for next generations”.
Yu Yamanaka respects the philosophy and his mission in life is “Improve the world for next generations by open technologies”.

He was born in 1988, has 10 years of experience in enterprise and web technology, having held various positions in Japan.

* Full-stack engineer
* Chief Infra. Architect of HDE One, MERY
* Agile Project Manager at Reactive Inc.
* Co-founder of INGoT LLC

He is confident about Starbase will accelerate human evolution through enforcing trailblazers. His responsibility is implementing the vision with great team.


Bharat Jariwala

FullStack Developer

Fullstack developer working on frontend (AngularJS 2) and Backend (NodeJS/MongoDB) of the site. Bharat has 15 years experience working on Web and Mobile technologies. He is certified Azure Solution Architect with experience designing softwares and computer infrastructure.

Bharat has been activily participating on open source development fullstack generator proejct using MEAN stack.


Ryosuke Shimizu

Blockchain Service Engineer

When I was young. I had beeen in Silicon valley. And I found the power of technologies.
In Student days I tried to make some web services. It is chat-bot service and you can customize as you like.
Now I joined “Starbase” project and movement for changing the world.

– Blockchain Service Engineer
Control the Starbase main system using blockchain technologies.
– Backend Service Engineer
Control the Starbase backend systems.



Ernane Luis

Frontend Engineer

I’m from Brazil but I’m currently a Master Student in Computer Science in Bonn, Germany, also I’m doing my Master thesis over Bitcoin Blockchain, I’ve had a strong interest in blockchain technology for a long time. I’ve done a lot of research and learned as much as I can about it.

Since I was 15 I started working with Web Development, I had in the past 4 years experience with Mobile Development for iOS and the past 5 months I started working with Mobile Hybrid Technology: Ionic 2, where I could build Android and iOS mobile apps on top of Web Technology, that way I could learn more about Javascript, TypeScript and Angular 2.


Sandy Chu-umnart

ASEAN marketing partner

Sandy is Brand Planner for ASEAN market, she oversees communication throughout offline, online plans, and activations. Her background includes working with content marketing, market research, and social media analyst.
Sandy believes that there is should be no limits to ones’ ability to challenge and “Starbase” could make it easier for everyone.


Jamal Aezaz

Bitcointalk Marketing Manager

Jamal Belongs to a Small City “Turbat” which is located in Balochistan, A marketing manager as Professional, Co-Founder and Marketing Head of “Taskie Project” (A Blockchain Based Microjob and Freelancing Platform)
Got Involved into Crypto Currency Back in 2014,, Before that worked as a blogger and SEO Employee, in 2014 Joined crypto Industry and back in 2016 Started Marketing Career, Worked with various Crypto Projects, and Finally Reached to Starbase


Takahiro Igarashi

Director of Corporate Administration Group

Takahiro has supported many companies’ IPOs(Initial pubulic offering with share) and BPR of accounting system as a member of consluting company.
And has helped launch entrepreneurial companies of MOOCs to spread the latest technology at the time.

My mission of life is “Quickly to deliver the latest technology to many people, to provide a comfortable environment”

A DAO becomes the standard of the world soon, because of It’s smart and impartiality for using.
And Starbase makes sure to increase to challenger of the people.
Now joined starbase to accelerate for team.



Hideki Taniguchi

Blockchain Marketer

Hideki felt the possibility of Information Technology in the school days.
Therefore, belonged to IBM Japan as IT specialist, engaged in System engineering.

Now joined ”Starbase” project to make the world challenge easily by Marketing
Be passionate about the world radical change by the internet of value.